Think and Make like an Artist

Try painting, carving, photography, costume design, illustration, paper cutting and architecture. Inspired by contemporary artists and have fun! Studying and making art is an art book that encourages a child to develop his thinking and imagination. Children learn about different materials and ideas, learn how to make their own creative solutions and produce their own artwork through assignments. Tasks have been inspired by eight contemporary artists working on different art forms such as painting, sculpture, artwork, costume design, community art and architecture. The book enthusiastically opens the creative process of creating art through an easily approachable artwork and comics. Clear instructions, however, leave room for creativity for young artists. Kids who love art will be excited about art making this colorful and insightful workbook.

The publisher of the original edition of the book is Thames & Hudson, well-known for its high quality art books.



Text: Claudia Boldt & Eleanor Meredith
Illsutration: Ola Niepsuj
Original title: Think and Make Like an Artist
(Thames&Hudson 2017)
Tutki ja tee taidetta (Etana Editions 2018)
ISBN: 978-952-7105-24-5
80 pages
size: 23 x 30 cm
translated by Jenni Erkintalo
recommended age: 5+




"Sumptuous pictures, enticing illustrations, lovely paper stock and a general feeling that what you are dealing with is considered, has integrity, and is educational in the very best way. … All the projects were several steps above the usual ‘flower on a stick’ fare, and are of varying levels of sophistication – for all ages and abilities."

- Ren Renwick / Association of Illustrators